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Monday, 7 January 2013

Natter night 7th Jan.

When I was trying to decide on something to do tonight I had a look in the greenhouse at my trees, on close inspection I noticed how wet they still were despite being inside for about six week's. All the water they have had is a light misting every couple of days, but after all the rain we have had lately none on the pots.I finally decided to pot a small Cotoneaster into a new pot just to see how wet they really were, and the roots were soaked.

This is the tree in the original pot.

The intended pot.

Considering this tree was only potted last spring the roots are amazing.

 In it's new pot.
I will give the tree time to recover and do some styling later in the year.

Three of the four visitors I had tonight.

Number four was Ken M working on his Black Pine.
Ken has left the tree until next week and will finish wiring then we will tweak it a little. 
A good start to the new year.
Mike R was missing as he has hurt his back and is resting.

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