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Monday, 28 January 2013

Ryan Neil 3rd day update.

When I got up this morning I was completely knackered after the amazing weekend at Willowbog with Ryan Neil, but after a phone call from Boxie I went out to his place to get a final image of his Pine and when I got there the three Irish boys were also there.which was a good thing because I got a couple of pics of their Pines as well.

Boxies Pine what a transformation.

Phil's Pine standing up in the back of his van, which is amazing as he had to lay it down on the trip over to Willowbog.

Ian's Pine also in Phil's van.Not the best photos but I am sure there will be some good one's on the Eejit's blog soon.Come on Ian hurry up !!!!

Finally a photo of Sue's Chinese Juniper.

After the workshop.

This is before Ryan worked his magic on it.

A truly unforgettable weekend. 

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