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Monday, 28 January 2013

Ryan Neil 3rd day workshop.

Today was the third and final day of workshops with Ryan Neil at Willowbog bonsai. Last but not least in the way of quality of trees and work done to them.

This Pine must be about five and a half feet high.

The owner Phil from Ireland working on some Jin created from two of the trunks.

No not cutting off ,but Ryan's way of bending heavy branches, cut so far through then bend using guy wires.

I did not manage to get a photo of the styled tree but I am sure there will be one on the Bonsai Eejits blog before the end of the week.

Another nice Pine from Ireland, this time belonging to Ian Y.

Ian and Peter W wiring.

Something was amusing Ian.

Busy boy. Again no final image but I am sure Ian will post some very soon.

This Chinese Juniper belongs to Sue S. these are some photos before work began.

Sue very busy wiring.

Ryan tweaking the tree.

Boxies Pine before work.

Work well under way.

A nice Spruce being worked on by its owner, { sorry i did not get his name }

The almost finished image.

I caught Caz trying to escape.

Caz working on her Chinese Juniper in an antique Chinese basin.

Well on it's way to a brand new image.

Not just a great day but an absolutely brilliant weekend with one of the best Bonsai artists I have had the pleasure to see.

Hurry back Ryan.


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