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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Feb chat at Willowbog.

A busy day today at Willowbog for today's chat, quite a lot of regulars and old faces.Talking of old faces one stood out today, a few days early but as we would not be there on the day we celebrated today.Peter will reach the ripe old age of 65 on the 14th Feb.

I honestly think he didn't mind us taking this opportunity to wish him a happy birthday.
Now about the chat,quite a difference from last week don't you think.

Last weekend above.

Sunshine and blue skies and no snow.

It was not all chat, there was some work done on trees.

Dave's tree from last week's workshop with Ryan Neil.

Peter G with his Pine.

Dianne potting two of her tree's

Tommy and Sasha wiring their Pine 

After tweaking, a nice image and a good start to it's life as a Bonsai.

A Dave H Pine.

The lord and master{ when Jean's not about }

A nice twin trunk Larch being potted.

Today's Tokenama.

Lastly a reminder of a great weekend with Ryan Neil.



  1. Great article Ray and I really enjoyed the images. What a difference in the weather in such a short space of time!


  2. many thanks Ray , really appreciated the gesture , tasty cake by the way !! :-) the day sums up what Willowbog and the folk that support us are all about , thanks to everyone !