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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Willowbog, 1st novice workshop of 2013.

Today was the first novice workshop of 2013 at Willowbog bonsai and it was well attended by eight students. Six of them were repeat attendees and two new comers .There were also quite a lot of tree's that needed attention of sorts, some for styling, some for potting and some for advice.
A general view of the workshop in progress.
Anthony getting some advice on potting from Mr Snart with Peter G and John B in the background busy working on their own tree's.

The two newbies, both called Dave I believe, having a discussion.
Ian, doing a first pot into a training pot.
A taxus belonging to another Dave, this time the one from Penrith,about to start it's new life as a Bonsai.

With a bit of Jin work and some guy wires we can see the new shape forming.
Dave also bought this Juniper, and after a good clip out we also started it on it's journey into a Bonsai.

Finally a couple of shots of a Chinese Juniper, also belonging to Dave.
A very small tree but well formed
Todays Tokenoma display.
Coming into flower.
Someone looks like they enjoyed the day.
In all a busy but enjoyable day.




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  1. it was a good busy day Ray , thanks as usual for your help, and that of Terry as well ,