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Monday, 18 March 2013

Natter night 18th March.

Tonight was quite busy once more with nine visitor's, first here was Anthony who I put to work on a Cotoneaster of his which I repotted today, I got him cleaning up the deadwood and applying some Jin seal to protect it.

Next was Paul with a couple of indoor trees to clip back a little.
Not sure what the small tree is but the big one is a Ficus which tend to bleed quite a lot when cut, so I find this a good time of year before they really start to push the growth out.
Now another Cotoneaster from another tony, this one just had the wire removed and will probably be left another year before potting into a Bonsai pot.
This tree could end up being quite a good one in a couple of year's time.
We spent the rest of the night cutting out dead branches from about four trees which had been badly neglected last year and had died back quite a lot.Sorry no photos. With a bit more care they may be saved and possibly end up nice tree's.
Once again thankyou for checking in to my blog.


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