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Monday, 25 March 2013

Natter night 25th March.

A quietish night, only four visitors so I got busy with my new Cotoneaster, cleaning out unwanted branches and cleaning moss off the nebari.
This is before the work was done.
This is after, still some wire to add and one or two branches to move then wait for some warm weather.{ Could be a long wait }
The two Tony's were working on a couple of Potentillas that needed cleaning and clipping.
This is one of them. The trees I mean.
Then I decided to pot my new Chinese Juniper.
Don't tell me the pot is too big.
Really this is what it was planted in when I got it, not even a proper pot, but was like paper.
So after potting I found another inch of trunk and removed some unwanted branches.I also cleaned the loose flakey bark and allready you can see the tree taking shape.
Once again the night flew in, so thanks for visiting my Blog.

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