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Monday, 4 March 2013

Natter night 4th March.

Yet another Monday arrives, they seem to come round very quickly these days, but who cares as I really enjoy my natter night.I started today by putting a lot of my trees out on the benches, as we had a good day of sunshine and it will do them good.
Nice to see the trees outside again.
Spring is almost here.
There is a frost warning tonight so I will put some trees back inside, just to help the new buds that are showing.
Len G and Devy, our new natterer, also turned up to do a potting job on this Larch that now belongs to Devy.

We got him to stand beside it for a size comparison.

Not Devy's best side, but the tree looks ok.
Please comment if you agree.
Next we have a multi trunk Cotoneaster belonging to Tony W.
Becoming less of a multi trunk all the time, this is after we removed a trunk from the right hand side and did a bit of block carving on the left side.
I will be posting an update on this tree shortly.
When I get some better photos.
Well thats it for now, time for supper and bed.
Thankyou for looking in.


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