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Monday, 1 April 2013

Natter night 1st April.

A busy night with six visitors and this after spending most of the afternoon preparing compost for potting trees.
The grading of compost is well worthwhile doing so you can get the layers correct
I started by seperating these three Cotoneaster's from a big pot, which they have been in for about three years, then potted them up..
Then came these two black grasses which were also potted up.
My next job was to get this Pyracantha, that Ken M brought to be potted and given a clip out and a rough styling.
This is it in it's new pot.
And after it's first styling.
Tony W brought his Nice cascading Larch for some clipping and wiring.
Still needs more wire but he said he will have it done for next weeks natter night.
Finally it is nice to see tree's back on the display benches in the sunshine once more.
Sorry for being later than I said with this post, but it was a very busy night.
Thanks again for looking in.

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