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Monday, 29 April 2013

Natter night 29th April.

It started off very quiet tonight , only Tony W and Mike R at first, then Ken M turned up with two small Rhodies and an Azalea he got from a local garden center.He wanted them planted into Bonsai pots, so I got started.
The first one before and after.
Number two.
It was going into this pot but the pot was cracked to much so it ended up in another one.
Number three, the Azalea.
This one took a little more work as it was going between two rocks already fixed into the pot.
So after removing as much root as I dare, it finally went in.
As there was still a lot of root I had to cover the back edge with some mesh to hold the compost in place.
With a couple of guy wires added two branches were pulled down , just to start them off in the right position.
The three trees together, not bad at  ten pounds for three.
Not sure what Ken is thinking, but I usually wait until he smiles before clicking the camera.
Quite a good nights work, I am already looking forward to next Monday.

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