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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Willowbog chat April 6th.

For a nice change we drove up to Willowbog in the sunshine which managed to stay with us all day.
First off the Tokenoma display.
A very nice Maple with the buds just open.
I took with me my new Cotoneaster as I thought it needed to be repotted and when I got it out of the pot I found I was right.
This is what I found, roots filling the pot.
After a trim of the roots I decided to use this very nice pot by  Davy Jones of Walsall ceramics.
Another two potted trees, owned by David C from Hexham. The top one a nice Holm Oak with loads of potential to become a very good Bonsai.
A Hawthorn in a new pot.
Graham looking a bit puzzled as to what to do with his Juniper.
You can almost here his brain thinking,{I will start here }
After some advice and clipping all it needs now is more wire and a bit of inspiration to become a nice tree.
John H with an Arctic beech, raw material which he brought for some advise on styling.
Not the best photo but shows a nice outline of the branch stucture.
Peter and Peter in deep discussion.
Last but not least Mike R imparting some of his knowledge to our husband and wife team David and Jane.
Another good chat, made all the better by the good weather that Peter ordered for us.
The soup was just as good as ever, thanks Jean !!

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