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Friday, 3 May 2013

Alas no more.

I have to report the sad news about the demise of my Literati Juniper, I was not sure just what went wrong but the foliage took on a funny colour over a couple of days and just got worse.On investigation I removed it from the pot to have a look at the roots which seemed fine, I then checked the live vein which ran up the trunk and could not see anything of life in it.So as a result of this it has gone to the compost heap in the sky.
Alas no more.


  1. Ray, What do you think went wrong. Did you re-pot recently. I hate re-potting junipers. I don't know why but I have lost a couple over the years after re-potting. Maybe a different cause in your case

    1. It had not been touched in any way,just watered and fead the same as all the rest of my trees, which are fine and thriving.