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Monday, 13 May 2013

Natter night 13th May.

Another good night, but no trees to work on, so as I had my new Juniper in the studio I got Tony W to start removing old dead needles for me. This is a long job, but one that has to be done to improve the tree.While he was busy I started to remove the old flakey bark and clean the green algae from the trunks.I stepped outside for a couple of seconds and Mike R had stepped in to my job so I could not get near the tree.
I did not mind though as they did a very good job.
Still plenty for me to do.
I had to take this photo from outside the door as I could not get back in because of the seven visitors.
I could do with a bigger studio, or warmer weather so we can work in the garden.
One of the branches with the dead needles removed, this looks much better than before.
The trunks also look very good as well, I really like the way they look when cleaned up.
This Cotoneaster was brought by Simon R who collected it last year. Looks like it is healthy with all the new growth on it.
This tree has the potential to become a powerful image, time will tell.
Well that's it for another night, again quick but good.

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