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Monday, 20 May 2013

Natter night 20th May 2013.

Six visitors but only two trees tonight both of them Chinese Junipers, they both needed a good clip back and probably a rewire later in the year.
This first Juniper had been left for about three years to grow how it wanted, a bad mistake, as the next photo shows.
Most of the foliage ended up on the floor.
This tree will turn into a really nice one, once it is wired and branches placed in the right place.
It still needs more foliage removed when the wiring is done.
Anthony removing old dead needles from the other Juniper, which will also require a rewire and styling.
At long last the flowers on my Hawthorn have started to open, { maybe now I can take my thermal vest off }
Another addition to my collection, yet another Cotoneaster.
Finally, can anyone tell me what kind of bird this is, the one on the right that is.

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  1. Looks like a green finch ray but i no what u meen it looks od