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Monday, 6 May 2013

Natter night 6th may 2013.

Another good night but for once the sun was shining and we could walk about in the garden. Ken M was the first to arrive and he brought two trees to be repotted, one Fir and one Common Juniper.

This is the Fir which will feel much better  with room for its roots to spread.
The Juniper , which was one tree, but now split into two trees. It was joined at the root but had enough on each side to be seperated. They will both make nice trees when they recover from the transplant.
Lastly a photo of one of the members of Carlisle bonsai group who made his first visit to natter night.
John L.
As you can see most of my trees are back out on the benches again, due to the weather improving once more.

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