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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Squamata repot.

It was as I thought my new Squamata Juniper was indeed needing a repot which I have just finished.
As this photo shows I was right, it was pot bound and very dry even though it rained quite a lot last night.
After removing as much root as I dare, it still has a very good base.
Back in it's pot and watered well, left to drain then placed in the greenhouse to recover.
As this photo shows it is much lower in the pot now and more important it has room to grow in the pot. When it is watered now you can see the water going into the roots and not running off the side of the pot.
The next job to do is remove the wire which looks like it has been on for a long time.
Once this has been done I will leave the tree and let it recover for a while.

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