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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Why ?

Why is it that this year my Acer Palmatum has loads of extentions, when for the last three years it has never extended at all. It did come into bud at the same time, bud burst at the same time, leafed up, but no growth.It always looked healthy and fresh, did not suffer wind burn and went it's usual scarlet in fall.
This year it has already got extended growth of 4 or five inches and is starting to get out of shape.
I feel a good clipout coming on shortly.
Meanwhile I have added two more trees to my collection.
This nice Larch which I have been looking after for quite some time.
Also a nice Hemlock.
This other Larch is also doing very well this year, I am not sure of the variety but think it must the one known as Dunkeld as the foliage is totally different to either the Japanese or the European ones.
Yet another Larch, this time a Japanese one.
In this photo you can see both trees together and as I said they do not look the same variety.
Maybe some well informed person out there can help.

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