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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Willowbog chat May 4th.2013.

After a really bad week at home , with my Juniper dying and being struck with a bout of gastro trouble, I really enjoyed getting back into the flow of bonsai today at Willowbog. The day was a very busy one with plenty of visitors, old and new, also loads of trees to be worked on.
Colin's Beech before work.
After work.The tree now has much better taper and structure to be worked on and create ramification.
The usual gang,still looking bemused.
A nice Zelkova over rock in the windswept style.
They got there eventually, well done boys.
An overall view of a busy workshop.
Dianne working on a nice Larch, both looking radiant in the sunshine that was streaming into the workshop.
Terry also getting stuck into helping on trees.
The G man working quietly away.
You can hide but nobody is safe from the camera.
Still bemused.
Nice to see Ron back from Scotland once more, this is a nice windswept Hawthorn of his.
A very nice Chinese juniper.
Todays Tokanoma tree, Peter's Hawthorn.
In full bloom.
All in all a very good day, but as usual over to soon.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your problems Ray but we learn something new everyday. I didn't know that Junipers could get gastro trouble. That might explain why a couple of mine died over the years. LOL