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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Willowbog novice workshop May 2013.

Todays workshop was another busy day as usual, with plenty of trees to be worked on and advice given to those attending.
Keith and Graham aided by Terry study a small Larch.
Peter instructing on how to get the best out of a Hemlock. 
Three of the lads looking like they understand what Peter was saying.
Only joking lads.
This unusual raft style Juniper was brought by David from the Penrith area for some advice.
Somewhere in there is a piece of rock that could not be seen.
After Peter had removed some branches and thinned others, the image is much better.
Now for some trees I worked on.
This small Hawthorn, which was given a basic styling some workshops ago,was brought back for more refinment work.
After some clipping and a little more wire, the image of a windswept tree is emerging.
Yet another Hawthorn, this tree is quite large and the branches had been left to grow and had thickened too much, so had to be cut back a lot to create the image and some ramifiction.
Graham was pleased with the results so far.
This nice little Juniper needed a lot of bending to get the foliage closer to the trunk.
Two Larch are starting to show signs of becoming a nice image.
Finally the Hemlock after a basic styling.
Yet another good workshop, enjoyed by all who attended.

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