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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Back to Scotland.

Yesterday Mike R and myself had another trip to Scotland to see Mr Porch and look at some trees. We were welcomed by Robert and Bertie from Ireland who is on a visit himself. We were given a treat by Robert who showed us some of his collection of Japanese Shohin and accent pots.
The coffee cup is just for size comparrison.
The pots were just like this Satsuki flower, breathtaking to say the least.
I thought I had a passion for small pots but after seeing some of  Roberts collection, I have a long, long way to go to compare with what we saw here.
I would like to thank Robert for his hospitality and sharing his vast knowlage with us.Also Bertie for the coffee.
I could not resist temptation and came home with these three pots to add to my collection.
One day I could even find some trees to put into these pots, until then I will just look and feel them.

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  1. No photos of Bertie I see, he's an expert at ducking the camera :-)