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Monday, 10 June 2013

Natter night 10th June 2013

Once again we had a very good night with five visitors and two trees to work on, again brought by Ken M. The first one a Crab Apple, just needed a good clip, to promote some back budding. the second an Oak which needed quite a bit of reworking to get it into shape.I have taken some photos of the night, but I am having trouble with Photo bucket again and cannot get it to work, hence no photos on tonights blog.But I will post them as soon as I can, hopefully in the morning.

This is the Crab Apple before it's clip out.
This is after
The Oak before.
After from both sides
Finally my newest long range visitor, from South Africa no less, another Mike.
A long way to come just for Natter night I hear you say, but as he was over to see his mother who lives just across the road from me he was not to far away.
Nice to meet you Mike, thanks for your company and insight into Bonsai in South Africa.
Good night for now.

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