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Monday, 17 June 2013

Natter night 17th June 2013.

Another very busy night with seven visitors, one of which was a blast from the past, Sue S who has been very busy with work commitments and could not make it on a Monday.She brought two trees with her, this first one, a very nice Hinoki Shohin.
It needs a clip out but I was too busy and did not get anything done with it, maybe next week.
But it needs time spent on it to make sure its right and not just a rough cut.
This was her next tree, a nice Hemlock which needed a total rewire and styling.
I treid to get it done but ran out of time, so this is as far as I got.
I asked Sue to leave it with me until next week so I can work on it till then.
Paul and Ed also turned up with trees needing work. This is Paul cleaning out some deadwood from a small Chinese Juniper.
Here is one of Ken's trees, a Scots pine with a bit of a problem.
Not sure what but at Ken's request we repotted it to see if will recover in some new compost.
Fingers crossed.
Well thats it for now , I will post more photos of the Hemlock when I get it wired.

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