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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Willowbog chat 1st June 2013.

Another great day at Willowbog, very busy, but very enjoyable. I wonder if that was because Peter was away in Ireland doing his school weekend. Lots of regular faces and a few new ones as well, also lots going on, as these photos show.
A very busy studio.
It's called chat day but a lot of work going on.
Heads down , everyone, but there was time for a natter and catch up with old friends.
This Maple was brought along to be started on the way to being a Bonsai, before clipping it was trailing well below the table, so it was cut back very hard to promote some back buds.
I even managed to catch Terry giving advice on a Nice little Larch.
A Juniper group with some potential.
Something must have been amusing Tony S.
All sorts of work was done today, even an air layer.
Finally  my Hawthorn in the Tokenoma with a nice Hosta as an accent.
Again a very busy but enjoyable day.



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