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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A visit home.

A strange title but as I am staying at Willowbog for a week not a bad one.As I had to pop home for a couple of things I decided to do a quick post. I took with me my Squamata Juniper just in case I got bored,having nothing to do but relax, no chance, looking after a Bonsai nursery is not an easy task, although enjoyable. I did manage to do some work on the tree between other jobs so it is not all work and no play.

Looks pretty good now I have got all the wire on and most of the foliage where I want it.

This is how it was when I got it.

Quite a big change, don't you think?

Well some clean socks and back to work at Willowbog.

I will post some more when my week is over.

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