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Friday, 26 July 2013

Honey i'm home.

After a week looking after the nursery at Willowbog  I am now back at home, so I am also back on line once more. I have enjoyed my week but I now know every hose pipe  personally, so to speak, during this kind of weather it takes an awful lot of water to keep the Bonsai alive. A long but vital job which I find slightly therapeutic, I think it is because I am giving the trees a lifeline.It was not all work though as I said in my last post, I did have some time to do my own trees, and relax of course.

 This one a False Cypress Boulevard has been left to grow on so far this year, now was the time to do a restyle.
So after adding wire and some clipping out here is the result.

 Once the tree has recovered I will do some more work on the deadwood.

As last night was my last night up at Willowbog the weather gave me a sunset send off.

A good end to a good week.

Welcome home Peter & Jean.
Get them hose-pipes going.

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  1. thanks for doing a great job for us Ray , we all had a good time but nice to be home , thanks again