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Monday, 12 August 2013

Natter night 12th August 2013.

Four visitors turned up to night to see my newly cleaned up studio and make a mess of it once more, oh well back to normal.I do not care though as I for one enjoyed the night. Ken M brought his forest of Juniper to have the wire removed, as it had been on for quite a long time, he also did some trimming but it still needs a lot more, as you can see in the photos.

Before Ken started. 

This is as much as he got done to night, so he has left it with me so he can do some more next week.
Next was this Hinoki Cypress belonging to Sue S.

She set me a task of giving it a good clip out.

Not one to shrink from a challenge I set to and this is the result, much more open so you can see the structure of the tree now. It still needs some wire added and branches placed into position.
The apex also had two branches and one of them had to go, so after talking to Sue about it I removed one and wired the other into place, this has made a big improvement to the top.
As people were a little late in arriving, I started to do some work on one of my Larch.
Just a clean up job really, but worth doing.
I did not get very much done and will finish it tomorrow.

More photos then.
Thanks again for your support.

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