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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Natter night 26th August 2013.

Sorry for the delay in posting but last night was one of the busiest nights since starting my Monday night get together.Busy yes, extremely enjoyable, definitely,why you may ask? Because we were visited by Mr Robert Porch for the first time, and not the last I hope,he is a very good stylist and talker on the subject of Bonsai and I cannot express how much I and everyone else who attended enjoyed our evening.

Peace and calm in the garden, all ready for the night to begin.

People starting to gather.

Robert took Dev and Margery on a critique of some of my trees, they probably learned a lot from this experience.

Robert doing a critique of Ken's Black Pine.

This was one of the best talks on Black Pine I have had and learned a lot of good information.

Robert also told how to improve this tree by altering the planting angle and rearranging the foliage. 

This will work very well and will be done over the next few years.

The next critique on a Shohin Trident Maple belonging to Sue S.
Again loads of information coming from Robert.

Another one of Sue's Shohin, this time a root over rock Chinese Juniper.

Three rogues together.
I did not need a photo to remember this very, very enjoyable night, but wanted one anyway.

My sincere thanks to Robert for such a magical night.

Hurry back!! 


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  1. ray, It's always great to have Robert about. his down to earth friendly manner is really enjoyable. The setting looked perfect. Wish i could have been there.