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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Novice workshop at Willowbog August 2013.

Today's workshop was well attended by five regulars and three new faces, which are always nice to see.
Peter did his usual pre/workshop talk about all the students main trees ,then we went to work.

The workshop starts.

Anthony's Juniper.

Brian's Hemlock.

Ian's Hemlock.

David 's Cotoneaster which had lost it's apex and needed some reworking to make a new one.

After wiring a back branch and moving up and forwards we split the bottom left branch into smaller pads.

Peter asked me to help new boy Phil with this Ceder which was bought from a garden center.
As Phil was a complete novice it was a case of back to basics to show him the way to work out the best for the tree, and also how to apply wire.I think it does us good to do this now and again as it refreshes our brains as well.

This is the tree about half way through the work.

This is the basic image we came up with.Not a bad skeleton to work with in the future.

Finally today's Tokanoma tree, one of Willowbogs Hemlocks.

Another good day which I really enjoyed.

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