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Thursday, 26 September 2013

More from the garden.

Another quick update from the garden, first off my Dawn Redwood and what I do to make the foliage stop trying to grow upwards.The first photo shows before treatment.

This second photo is after about an hours treatment.

Not much difference I hear you say, but look closer and you will see the foliage is more downwards rather than sticking up.
How do I achieve this, simply by placing a cloth over it for about an hour and this has the effect you see.
The final photo was taken today and the cloth treatment was done on Monday, so as you can see lasts for a while.

Now a quick update photo of my Larch, which has just had it's third clip of the season.

It has had a very good year and grown very well.


Finally after a few cold nights my Acer Palmatum is starting to show Autumn colours.

Well that's all from my garden for now, but don't forget this coming Sunday is the last show at Don Valley Sheffield, so if you can make it there look me up for a quick natter.

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