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Monday, 16 September 2013

Natter night 16th Sept 2013.

Well I managed to get through the night, despite the tickle in my throat, the runny nose and the cough. I feel worn out but still enjoyed the night.I did not manage to do anything with the Blauws Juniper I posted today, so that will come later. I did however get some work done on a young Larch, which Simon R brought for a friend of his who could not come himself because of work. Simon told me he wanted to make the tree into an upright informal, so I tried my best.

Simon R putting wire on the Larch, not the best before photo, but you can see not much shape to it.

The top third of the trunk was leaning to the left but was brought back upright with some wire, then the branches, which were either flat or upward facing were brought down and given some movement.Not quite there yet but not a bad start, considering the way I was feeling .

Sue S did some more thinning on her Shohin Hinoki.

A few wires needed but it is a really nice tree already.

Short post tonight, but I am having an early night.

Good night all.

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