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Monday, 23 September 2013

Natter night 23rd Sept 2013.

Another good night, not only the weather but the company that turned up, all seven of them.I decided to do some tidying on a couple of Scots Pines belonging to Robert P and found they had a lot of wire biting into the branches, so spent a long time removing it.As a result of this I think it will be better to leave the trees to recover for a while.

These two little Pines have the potential to make nice images in the future.

Next, with the help of Tony W, I wanted to see what my Dawn Redwood would look like in the new Walsall ceramics pot I bought at Willowbog recently.

I got Tony to hold the new pot in front of the tree and took this photo .

I think it will look good in it.

We also had a new visitor tonight, Richard, who brought this Carmona for some advice.
I personally think these trees are hard to keep in our climate as replicating the conditions where they come from is quite hard to do here.

Finally this new addition for the garden, which I bought at the weekend in Cheshire.

Again another enjoyable night, over all too soon, but we have next week to look forward to.

Thanks for looking in once more.

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