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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Natter night 2nd Sept 2013.

Yesterday was a busy day, Ken came early so we could set up a Ustream link to the blog.we  decided it was not a good idea to stream live but have done some video instead, check it out.
Last night was also a busy time with lots to do.

This is the White Pine Ken got off Robert last week.

This is the weak side of the tree, which needs to be brought back to full strength before to much work is done on it.

The strong side, which we thinned out quite a lot,hopefully this will help to balance the growth. 

The tree looks much more evenly balanced now.
This is Tony W's Cotoneaster twin trunk.
This tree was featured in a post a few months ago and was brought tonight to be tweaked a little.
Looks really healthy and is shaping up into a very nice image.

Next is a Common Juniper which belongs to Simon R.

The tree on the left of this photo.

After a change of angle and a little wire he can now see an image emerging from it.

Now for one of my Juniper's,the small one on the left, has had a little make over.

It has been thinned out a little to make a better balance with the thickness of the trunk.

If it grows as good next year as it did this year, it will fill in the canopy in no time at all.

Caught these two doing their own critique of my Larch.

Finally another Juniper getting a tweak from Mike R.

Another excellent night comes to an end.
Thanks again for looking in.

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