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Monday, 9 September 2013

Natter night 9th Sept 2013.

Another natter night flies by, it seems that someone makes the clock go faster on a Monday night, or is it just me enjoying myself so much that the time goes by so quick.With eight visitors the studio was quite full and so there was not a lot of space to work on the trees, but we managed.

First tonight was Ken's triple trunk Chinese Juniper. We started doing some trimming and refining of the foliage pads. I did not get a photo of how it was after some work had been done, but will post when I get one.

One of Sue's Chinese Junipers which she brought to Willowbog chat on Saturday. I told her to wire it ready for tonight and I would tweak it a little, {I was only joking Sue,}But she managed to get it ready so here it is.

Looking much neater than it was.

Another one of Sue's Chinese Junipers.How many have you got Sue?

I even got Boxie to put some wire on a Privet belonging to new girl Margery, giving her some training as they went.

Sue also left this Shohin Yew for me to do some refining work on the deadwood for her.
I feel another post coming on.

Sue also brought some of these Dwarf Roses for some of my regular visitors.

And some Dwarf Strawberry plants to be used as accent plants.

Finally a present for me from Ken and his wife Janice, very apt with my new venture into Ustream videos.

Now I can do the job properly.

Again thanks for looking into my blog, feel free to leave a comment so I know what people think of it.
Thank you.

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