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Sunday, 8 September 2013

September chat at Willowbog.

Another good chat day at Willowbog, with a good turnout from regular and some new faces attending.

Quite early into the day, but everyone working away on their trees.

Peter G with a nice Yew.

Anthony tidying up the nebari on a couple of his trees.

John H and Keith, 
 cleaning out the foliage pads on a couple of nice trees.

Colin removing wire from a Beech that was given a make over earlier this year.

Sue Summers Shohin Chinese Juniper.

Visitor from over the border, Peter Thorn ,who brought along a garden center Ceder for some styling  advice.

Turned out quite a nice image.

New Willowbogger Brian brought this Silver Birch for a little advice .

It was cut back earlier in the year to promote back budding down the trunk, which did not seem to work.

So after adding some wire and spreading the branches a little I think it has a nice image.

Brian also brought this Juniper,which had been given to him, but the root ball was in a plastic bag.

First thing to do was secure it in a pot.

Then a good cut back. Now some care and love this tree has the potential to become a nice semi cascade style.

The atmosphere at the chat days is always great, with everyone helping out each other with advice and passing on their knowledge to others.

Also having some fun while doing so.

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