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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Smaller pot.

I decided this morning to put the Juniper I got off Robert Porch into a better looking pot, only a Mica one, but it makes the tree look a little better.

This is how it arrived at my place.

Nice bucket.

Now in it's Mica pot where it can stay for a few years. Once it settles I can start on the styling and carving work.I did not do a full repot, but simply lifted it out of the bucket and placed it in the Mica, then filled up with new compost. So the roots have not been disturbed very much and should be fine.


Fudge trying not to be seen behind one of my Larch Bonsai.

Not making a very good job of hiding though.

Also this week I obtained another piece of cherry wood to see if I can make some more stands.

Here you can see my method of drying out the wood without it buckling out of shape.

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