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Friday, 13 September 2013

Squamata Juniper.

I have been playing around with another of the trees that Robert P left with me, this one a Squamata Juniper. I started by removing all the dead needles, then started to clean off the flaky bark, it was while doing this I propped the tree up at a different angle so I could get at it easier when I noticed a nice line in the trunk.As a result this is how I decided to style it, as a Litterati.

The tree before any work was done.

After needle plucking and cleaning.

The new angle after removing the lower branches.

Wiring almost done.

After tweaking.
There are still too many branches, but I have left some on as sacrifice branches to maintain the health of the tree for now.The new angle makes the ugly bend at the bottom look much less severe and now blends in with the rest of the trunk.

I like the image. Do you? Comments please.

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