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Monday, 14 October 2013

Natter night 14th Oct 2013.

Once again a very good night made all the better by an idea I had this afternoon, which was to have an examination for my students. I decided to find out how much they have learned so far by telling them to pick out any one of about twenty Cotoneaster's I had in the shade house, then to go into the studio where there was wire and tools and style them any way they wanted. The results were amazing to say the least.
The selection of trees to pick from.

The next six photos are the trees chosen.

Now you can see every one busy working.

First, Sue S.

Next is Dev, who is very new to Bonsai, still getting stuck in working hard.

Tony W, well up for it.

Ken M, who chose a bigger tree then changed his mind and went for this smaller one.

Now some of the images that were created.

This one is Mike R's contribution.


This one from Tommy G


This one Ken M


This one Tony W


This one is by Dev.


Finally Sue's tree.

As I said the results were amazing as all the tree's were styled in the windswept/ cascade style.
I asked the question why this had happened, no-one answered. So I told them they had all gone for the easy option,as Cotoneaster grow this way in nature.

All in all an interesting experiment with some good results which I think everyone enjoyed,
I know I did!!

Because they all did so well, I gave them the trees to take home with them, so they can continue to work on them and learn some more about this great hobby.

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  1. Gud crack ray like u sed you"ll never lern unless you try cheers ray really enjoyed it