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Monday, 21 October 2013

Natter night 21st Oct 2013.

A very good night again with seven visitors including Margery, who missed last weeks exam, but did not get away with it this week.

I set her the same task, to choose a Cotoneaster, wire and style it. But me being me I did not get an after photo of it.

Tony W brought this Small Juniper for some advice about where to start it on it's Bonsai journey.

So after a clean up of the Nebari and a clip out, you can see a tree image starting to appear. 

I must also say sorry to Tony as when I was clipping some of the small roots off the surface he got a bit to close with his hand and I managed to slice his thumb.He should have known better when I am in full flow with a pair of shear's 
Next is Ken's Oak, which he brought earlier in the year for a styling,  came back tonight and how it has grown this year. Very strong growth and also much smaller leaves.


This morning after seeing the forecast on TV I decided to move most of my tree's into the greenhouse for some protection from the heavy rain we are supposed to have over the next few days.

They do not mind a bit of rain, but being soaked is something else.

This way I can keep control of how much water they get.
I know Tony will be looking in so just for him.

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  1. Its ok ray it was my own fault sharp them scissors tho ill survive ha ha