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Monday, 28 October 2013

Natter night 28th Oct 2013.

Despite the weather, tonight was an extremely busy night with twelve people turning up. There was not much room left in the studio to work, but there was enough to make coffee and have a good natter.
After our little accident last week, Margery brought this new addition for the first aid kit.
So we tried it out on Tony W to see if it works. 

About lunch time today I decided to do some work on this Squamata juniper.

I started with some carving on the trunk, which you can see has had a Shari added by someone before it came to me.

By adding some depth to the carving it has also given it a bit of movement as well.

I then started to add some wire and see what I could do with the foliage to make it look like a tree rather than a bush.

I think it has turned out quite well.

Let me know what you think, good or bad.
Next this small Fir, which Sasha brought, had some treatment. 

A quick discussion with Tommy, then off came it's head.

Now Sasha can get it wired and styled.

Could make a nice Shohin in a few years.

Finally tonight this Sulpher spray Boulevard brought by Paul had a main branch removed, then the only branch left was pulled down to open up the foliage. Paul then set about cleaning out some die back to let some light into the canopy.

I had no idea my Monday night's would be so popular when it started, but if it gets any bigger I will need to get an extension on the workshop.
I think I need to win the Lotto.
Thanks for visiting my blog once more.

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