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Sunday, 20 October 2013

October novice workshop at Willowbog.

Having missed last months workshop, it was really nice to be back, passing on the knowledge I have picked up on my journey through Bonsai to people just starting out.It was also nice to see a tree that started as a Bonsai in my garden quite a few years ago, then it was passed on to a new owner. It turned up at today's workshop, now owned by newcomer Bob.

This Juniper has been left too long without being trimmed, so after a good clip and a few bits of wire I have given Bob some advice about where to go with the tree in the future.


Frozen in time, no they were listening to Peter doing his introduction to Bonsai to the newcomers.

Peter usually talks through each students main tree of the day, about where and what they expect from it.

Keep going Peter they still look interested. He He.

Peter then got into this large piece of material, they all laughed when I said bring out the chainsaw, but that is what Peter used to reduce the size.

What was left now has a good shape to work on, when new branches start to emerge in Spring.

Anthony, hiding behind his newly purchased White pine, which he is going to work with Marc Noelanders next year at Willowbog.

For once I caught Terry doing some good work on Barry's White Pine.

Another of Bob's trees, which I clipped out for him, then showed him how to apply wire.

I then set him some homework, by telling him to wire the rest of the tree and bring it back to be tweaked into place.

While Bob was wiring I put some on this Small Cotoneaster of his and pruned it a little.

Finally today's Tokenoma display, A very nice White beech, in it's Autumn colour.

Another enjoyable workshop.

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  1. Hi Ray, Thanks for all the help and advice you gave me on Saturday at Willowbog Bonsai. I have tried the wiring but there are some flaws, definitely a work in progress. Your skill and knowledge are priceless to people like me, much appreciated. hope to see you at the November chat.