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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Willowbog chat October 2013.

Saturdays chat at Willowbog was a very busy one as usual, with a
lot of regulars and a few new faces as well.

Heads down, I don't know if they were checking their phones or looking at trees.

Getting down to work.

Terry being Terry, while John does some work on his Chinese Juniper.

Young Sam was actually working, not hiding behind his False Cypress. 

Some more trees that had a bit of refinement work done.

Sue S working on another of her Chinese Junipers.

Brian C getting some advice from Terry and Mike.

A very young and small Scots Pine started on it's journey to becoming a Bonsai.

New boy Brian W brought this Dawn Redwood group for some advice.

He had put them together in this box just to get them growing strongly, with no thought to how they would eventually be potted.But after having a close look I found the perfect front and marked this for him, as you can see looking from this angle you can see all of the trunks, even though there are an even number of them.

Sam still hiding.

Today's Tokenoma showing nice Autumn colour.

Another great chat day, thanks again to Peter and Jean.

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