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Monday, 11 November 2013

Natter night 11th Nov 2013.

A good night once more, with eight visitors turning up for our usual get together.

This first photo is from September 2012 and is a Privet that Tommy G brought for it's first styling.

He brought it back tonight to show us how much it has developed over just one year.

I think it is in need of a repot in Spring as it has been quite a few years since it was last done.
This will also help it to thrive even more.
Now a Potentila which Sue S brought for some guidance on which  branches to remove and which to keep.

A really nice old looking tree already, but in need of a better branch structure.

I am sure this tree will improve a lot over the next few seasons.
I decided to set up a small display tonight with a couple of my tree's and an accent for company.

From the left, Spirea, the accent and a small Cotoneaster.

A closer look at the Cotoneaster.

Finally Margery's homework was to wire this small Spruce.
I think I need to spend more time with her when she is wiring.
{Only joking Margery.}


Another good night of fun and enjoyment.

Thanks for looking in to my blog.

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