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Monday, 25 November 2013

Natter night 25th Nov 2013.

My natter night started a little early for me as I was in the studio at about two this afternoon, I started work on a Larch that has been with me for a while, I was waiting for the foliage to drop before any work was done to prevent trapping the needles in the wire.

Above is before work started.

Two slightly different angles of the image achieved.
The straight part of the upper trunk will get a bit more movement in a couple of weeks time when it has had time to settle and  recover.

Here we have Ken M removing wire from a Pyracantha.

Sue S also removing wire from a Chinese Juniper.

Below Ken's tree after a little clipping.

A close up of Sue's Juniper.

Yet another very entertaining and fun night over all to soon.

Thank you once more for looking in.

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