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Monday, 4 November 2013

Natter night 4th Nov 2013.

Well another successful  natter night with plenty to do, as well as nattering and drinking tea and coffee. I started on a small common juniper I brought back from Scotland and think it turned out alright.

This is how it was before I started, what you cannot see is the deadwood on the other side, which I thought would be a much better front.So after cleaning the Jin and Shari, I added some wire and did a little styling.

Quite a nice image has appeared and now it will be left to recover in the greenhouse.

Sasha brought her Fir tree that had the top removed last week, she had done the wiring so all it needed was some tweaking.

Still needs a lot of work but this will have to do for now.

Sue brought the Chinese juniper which she worked on at  the Ryan Neil workshop earlier in the year.

Sue assisted by Mike removed all the wire which had been on since the workshop was starting to get too tight.
Another good night with plenty of fun and chatter.

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