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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Natter night. { Why }

I decided to post this because of something that took place recently, { no details, but people who were concerned will know }
My natter night started all by itself really, by people who wanted somewhere to meet and do Bonsai, so all I do is provide this at no cost to anyone other than me. I have enjoyed doing Bonsai for a lot of years and really enjoy passing on all and everything I have learned in that time.
I will help anyone I can any time any place, {time allowing,}
Natter night is not a club, group, society or business, just a bunch of like minded people who enjoy doing Bonsai in what I thought was a friendly atmosphere.
If something was said that upset someone attending, then that person should have come to me and not involved someone else, causing some very bad feelings between the people who attend our get together's.
Also if I say or do anything that offends or displeases anyone I am sorry. But I cannot put it right if I do not know about it, so please stand up and tell me, then at least I will be aware of the situation and can try to rectify it. I am not trying to deny or defend anything that was said or done, all I am trying to do is promote the joy of Bonsai as much as I can.

My natter night will continue for anyone to attend, to further their knowledge, with what I can do to help, into the world of Bonsai.

Your's helpfully.

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