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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Willowbog chat Nov 2013

The Saturday chat  at Willowbog was well attended once more despite all the weather could throw at us,rain, wind, hail and I think the sun did manage to shine a little, but not for long. Enough of the weather report here are some photos of the day.

Today's Tokenoma display and accent choice. 

Mike giving David C some advice on his White Pine.

A nice image starting to show.

At the last novice workshop Bob had this garden center Cypress, which I clipped a little and showed him how to apply wire. I then set him some homework, to wire the whole tree and bring it back for a tweak.

He managed to get most of the wire on, well done Bob.

After a bit of tweaking this Shohin sized tree looks much more open and will be potted into a better pot in Spring.

Here Peter gives some of the newbies some advice.

Now a rare sight indeed, Tony S actually doing some work on a tree.

Graham W working on his nice Chinese Juniper.

As was John H.

Kieth was also working on a Chinese Juniper.

Anthony R doing some fine pruning of a Korean Hornbeam.

Before I finish I must say Jean's soup was more than welcome on such a cold day.

Thanks Jean.

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