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Monday, 2 December 2013

Natter night 2nd Dec 2013.

A quiet night with only four visitors which allowed me to do some work on a Juniper that has been here for some time now.

This is how it arrived apart from the guy wire which has been used to pull the top part of the tree down and closer to the trunk.

After a change of angle and some of the wire applied.

I am now about half way to completing the skeletal image for this tree and can visualize what it should look like when done.
Now a Scots Pine which was brought by Margery, also for a basic styling.  

The five branches that the tree had were all emerging from the same part and were all just laying flat.

After wiring and tweaking it now has a bit more form.

I also shortened the needles to a more uniform length, which makes the tree much more balanced

A quiet night but some good work achieved..

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