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Monday, 9 December 2013

Natter night 9th Dec 2013.

Unfortunately my Sensei did not manage to come to join us tonight but hopefully will be able to make it in the new year. However there was still five other visitors and we still enjoyed the night.

I had planned to give Dave this Hemlock to style but as he was not here Boxie and myself started on it.

There were two branches that were growing straight up and were to thick, so these were removed and made into Jin. Also looking at the pot it will need to be repotted in Spring in a pot that is in one piece.

There was also this large stump which had been dead for a long time, so this had a bit of carving done just to make it look a little better.

Boxie applying the wire.

Still only about half way wired.

We will finish putting the wire on next week and finish the styling.

I think this is the planting angle we will use as it shows a nice line and taper.

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