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Monday, 13 January 2014

Natter night 13th Jan 2014.

It was a good job I cleaned up the workshop today as it was quite full tonight, with ten visitors and me it was a bit cramped.We still managed to have a really good natter and plenty tea and coffee, there was also some work done on trees.

Dave R come back with this nice Larch, which had not had any work done for about eight years Dave reckons. I think it is about ready for some now.

Dave and Boxie got stuck into it wiring and pruning but the time ran out all to soon.

A change of angle and new front view makes a big difference to the image.

Still quite a bit of wiring to do but it will get there.
Maybe in Spring Dave will do a repot.
Now a new addition to my collection, a Procumbens Juniper,about Kifu or Chuhin size.

All I have done is to clean up around the Nebari to see what was there.

Looking better already.

Just to show how packed the workshop was.
Nice to see Sue even though it was a short visit due to illness.

Sasha does not like cameras.

Boxie and Dave busy in the back ground.

There will not be a natter night next week as I have a prior engagement that night.
This does not mean I will not be posting as usual, because I will be doing something no doubt.

I need my fix of this drug called BONSAI.

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  1. I'm REALLY liking the look of that larch Ray, looking forward to some more photos of it.

    Chris R