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Monday, 27 January 2014

Natter night 27th Jan 2014.

A very enjoyable night once again with six visitors turning up to have a good natter and work on trees. Needless to say the subject of the Noelanders Trophy was not long in coming to be the main topic of the night, it sounds like I missed something really special last weekend. I have seen some of the demos on line, but it is not the same as first hand viewing.
Back to tonight's gathering and some more photos  that I have been trying out with new backdrop's and lighting.

Lights on.

Lights off.
I must try to filter the lights a little as I think they are a bit to bright.
This is one of Sue's nice Shohin Elms before she gave it a clip out.

This is it after.

Another of Sue's, this time a Zelkova.

A very quick and entertaining night once more, I really look forward to Monday nights and think we should have more of them in the week, as one is never enough.

Thank you once again for looking in to my blog.

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